The Eulogy

Today is the 29th of August. Today marks exactly one year since her funeral.

It’s early hours and it’s the first time in a year I’ve had the courage to read the eulogy I wrote for her, the eulogy I read at her funeral, the eulogy I’m going to share with you.

I think the think I’m going to miss the most will be making my mam laugh. I know she thought I was hilarious. My mam taught me a lot. She taught me it’s okay to be opinionated but not to push my opinions onto others. She taught me to be open minded and independent. She taught me acceptance and to just be me. I didn’t get a great deal of time with my mam, 22 years does not seem a lot in comparison to others. I am however eternally grateful for those years and the bond we shared. I am thankful for the lessons, the advice, the laughter and the memories. Most of all I am thankful for the friendship we had. Today I am not just saying goodbye to my mam but to my best friend. You had the best heart mam. That’s what we will remember you the most for. The last few months don’t really matter now, do they? I promise to always remember you for your smile, your infectious laughter and your love for us. I’ll see you soon mam. I love you to the stars, the moon and back again as well.

She will live forever in my heart. And on today of all days she’s never too far away.

Thanks for reading x

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