There’s nothing a cocktail can’t fix

As I’m writing this I am sat in Newcastle airport waiting to board a plane to Magaluf, drinking Amstel.

I’ll keep this entry short and I’ll keep it sweet.

So before he who must not be named broke my heart (which is surely coming back together) I had booked a holiday to Rome for his birthday. We were supposed to be going this September, of course since, he had crushed my heart in his hands, so as a result I cancelled the holiday. Luckily, I did so with enough time to get most of my money back (not all, but most). Instead of moping around and spending the money on crap I decided to book another holiday with “the guy” I mentioned in my friends post. Very spontaneous I know, as I said I’m full of surprises!

So here I am, all ready and raring to go!

I’ve also had the best weekend so far but more on that later…

I’m feeling good. So again girls I’ll say it, time works wonders and I’ll follow that up with I’m now a strong believer there’s nothing a cocktail can’t fix!

Thanks for reading x


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