You can get by with a little help from your friends

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There are some people that deserve a special mention. Some people who deserve a lot of credit. Some people who deserve more than words because words aren’t enough. Right now though, words will have to do.

My friends. (They get their own line)

Firstly there’s the girl I have known forever. Not literally “forever” but it has been practically our entire lives. She’s the one who I’ve experienced every hurdle of life with. The one who has done the most and seen the most, from the best times to the worst times. She is the one who I have overcame the most with. Time and space can separate us but our bond will stay the same. She’s the one I could go for months without seeing and finally sit down with and it will be as though no time as passed at all. She’s my longest, most best and dearest friend. She’s the one who may not know first but she knows more. She knows it all. Knows everything about me. Not so recently she discovered she doesn’t need a man. She’s strong, she’s confident, she’s wise, she’s the best mother she can be. She gives the best advice. Her encouragement hasn’t gone unnoticed nor has her honesty and for that I’ll always be grateful. She inspires me daily. She inspired me to write this just today. So thanks Hun, thanks for always being there and thanks for always listening. More importantly, thanks for the second chance… Don’t know where I would of been without it.

Then there’s this girl. This girl I haven’t known near enough as long but this girl, she’s something else. She’s the most down to earth girl I’ve ever met. She has the most beautiful heart and soul. She is definitely second to none and she knows it. She is wise beyond her years (far wiser than me). She knows herself and is true to that through and through. She’s strong, strong minded and strong willed. She also gives the best advice and she also inspires me daily. She has no much self worth and I’m always telling her it’s such an admirable quality. One I hope to learn from her. I may not of known her as long but it doesn’t feel that way. She’s the friend I always have fun with, the friend who picks me up when I’m having bad days. So thanks Hen, thanks for understanding, thanks for inviting me, thanks for the laughs along the way. And thanks for just being you. Your the best.

And then there’s the few friends I have who, even if I don’t see them all of the time, I know their still there. They’re the friends I’ve known for years now. They’re the friends I have so many amazing memories with. They’re the friends who are only ever a phone call away. They’re the friends, who came to her funeral even though they had never met her. These are the friends who are always sending messages of support. They are the friends I hope to never lose. Time and space have separated us ever so slightly. But hey, we all know that sometimes life gets in the way! They’re the friends I can count on every birthday and every other special occasion. They are the friends who when we’re together, it’s always natural. They are the friends who will always understand, no matter what. So thanks guys, thanks for the messages, thanks for always checking in (even when I don’t), thanks for just getting it. And thanks for always being there, always just a phonecall away.

Then there are the friends who I hardly ever see. The friends, who even when we don’t speak, will never stop being friends. The girl next door, who now lives at the other side of the world. The girl I grew up with. The girl that grew up next to her. Your more special and important to me than you’ll ever know. The friends who I went to school with, the ones who I still share unspoken secrets with, the ones I once shared so much with. The ones I still have so many great memories with. The ones I see out sometimes, just by chance, and still catch up with. You all still hold a place in my heart. So thanks again, for the memories, for the drinks, for the wonderful messages of support. Thanks for still being there, even from far away.

Then there’s my work friends. When we’re all at work, were more like family. Your all amazing, kind people. The funniest bunch I’ve ever known. Your all so supportive in your own ways, probably without realising. Your the best distraction. Your the best laughs. Your the best 12 hours. So thanks team, thanks for the jokes, thanks for laughing at mine, thanks for the long meaningful chats when we’re drunk on team nights out. Thanks for being the best team.

And my new friends. Friends who I have only just started being friends with. Friends of my friends. I think we have had a great start, had some great laughs and drank quite a lot. I can’t wait to spend more time with each of you (and to see where things go). Your a bunch of amazing people, who have been so understanding and welcoming. So thanks to you, thanks for welcoming me, thanks for making those awkward first time meetings bearable, thanks for not minding me tagging along. Thanks for being nice and not rude (as some people can be).

Finally last but not least there’s this guy. This guy who always says the wrong thing apart from when it’s me and I need to hear the right thing. This guy who I’ve known for only two years (two years too long) but it feels like a lifetime. This guy who is literally a phonecall away (thanks again). This guy who is always up for a good time. This guy who is actually my partner in crime (and at this rate, in life). This guy who is always there (both blessing and curse, trust me). This guy who really does understand. This guy is the best (and the worst, at times). This guy is the most stubborn, obnoxious and annoying person on the planet. Would I have him any other way? Probably, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. So thanks mate, thanks for always saying the wrong thing apart from when I need to hear the right thing, thanks for being my drinking buddy, thanks for being up for a good time (day or night). Thanks for being you. You truly are one of a kind.

So there you have it. My friends. My friends who have been there for me through a lot. My friends who, no matter how far away or, no matter how much time has passed are still exactly that. My friends. I don’t say it as often as I should but here it is, out there for the whole world to see… Your the best. Each and every single one of you.

Thanks for reading x

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